Qualifying for Food Stamps

July 19, 2022

How it started 

America’s SNAP was initially implemented in 1939 and later changed in the 1960s. In 1964, President Johnson said, “The food stamp plan will be one of our most valuable weapons for the war on poverty.” Though tens of millions of Americans use food stamps, there was a steady decline in enrollment from 2013-2019. 

What going on 

Today we can see the rate of Food Stamp enrollment increasing due to rising prices. To qualify for SNAP, you must either be a single person earning a gross income of $1,396 or below, a two-person household earning $1,888 or down, and as the people in your household increase, you can make $492 more per person. These factors vary depending on State laws and disabilities. 

Why it matters 

Our Country is leading towards a Recession; in time, many more people will need help. Though the SNAP benefit gives access to Millions of households to food, the requirements are a bit outdated. At this rate of inflation, the monthly allowance of Food Stamps needs to increase. 

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