Is Super Target having a Super Sale? 🏷

June 14, 2022
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How it started

This year we have seen inflation take hold of our favorite products. The consumer has been more specific when shopping, and many have cracked down on spending.

Specifically, sales of big TVs and kitchen appliances have plummeted.

What's going on

Target is facing an over-supply problem. To correct their mistake, Target is canceling orders from suppliers. Target is also claiming to start slashing prices to reduce the high inventory.

Why it matters

Target shares have plunged after concerns about their profits. Yet Target's online presence. has expanded as many on social media ran to Target to get a good discount.

Other retailers have also come forward about the concerns of having too much
inventory. While discounted products are exciting news, inflation has taken a toll on many households. With inflation now affecting corporations negatively, we can look into the future for a change in the system.

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