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Algo Trading for Retail Investors
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Pairing Accounts to Proven Algorithms

Automate your trading process. Intelligent bots will analyze the marketplace, execute your trades and manage your portfolio to maximize profits. So you can trade from anywhere – at any time. Our algorithms are chosen by our team of mathematicians, traders, and financial analysts. Most importantly, these bots vary in risk, strategies, and mechanisms.

Step One

Creating an

Currently, all users must have a broker account with Alpaca in order to successfully pair to an algorithm. Once that account is funded you are ready to pair your account.

Take Me There
AlgoPear: Investing your time
AlgoPear: Monitoring your accounts
Step Two

Monitor & Collect Profits

Our algo trading tracks movements on your account in real-time. Each algo has a sell limit, or our sell button allows you to close your position as you please.

Step Three

Re-Investing in Your Time

Step away from the stresses of investing. Build your portfolio using proven algorithms that provide more significant benefits than a savings account.

Investing Your Time in Algo Trading

A Community of Automating & Educating

Learn from our community of traders, educators, and algo creators as we take this journey to automation.

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Marketplace Features

Algo Pairing


Each trader will be prompted with an investor questionnaire to recommend fitting algorithms best.

Real-Time Monitoring Algorithms

Real-Time Monitoring

Cheer from the sidelines with full transparency, and live time notifications concerning your account.

AlgoPear security

Security Strong as Steel

We use bank-level security, 256-bit encryption, and allow two-factor authentication for added security


Here's everything you need to know to start trading with our platform.

How does it work?
FAQ AlgoPear

Retail investors visit AlgoPear’s marketplace to select & purchase expert AI strategies for their investment portfolio.

The process:

- Visit the AlgoPear app or website to sign up
- Complete investor personality test
- Match with an AI strategy
- Subscribe & fund your account
- AI starts building your investment account at hyper speed
- Monitor & get alerted portfolio performance & activities

AI process:
- AI bots analyze the market 24/7
- Finds the best investments with the lowest risk but the highest reward
- Executes the signal in microseconds
- Bear market? No worries. The AI automatically reduces risk and minimizes loss to protect your account and hard-earned gains.

Why Sign up for Alpaca?
FAQ AlgoPear

Alpaca provides a commission-free stock trading API and a framework that allows easy deployment of the algorithms and automated trading.

Do you offer integrations with other brokers?
FAQ AlgoPear

At this time, we only offer integration with Alpaca. We are looking to bring more brokers aboard soon, such as TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, and Trader. Stay tuned!

What is a paper account?
FAQ AlgoPear

A paper account lets you practice trading without risking your money. This feature should be available via your broker. You can test the algorithm with a paper account before committing to it.

How does testing an algorithm work?
FAQ AlgoPear

Before subscribing to an AI strategy, you will be prompted with a “test” button. This will connect the algorithm to your paper account. You can monitor the performance in real-time as long as you want. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can then subscribe.

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