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Easy to use automated wealth building tool at finger tips

Beginner investors can now access the same tools as the wealthy. Co-pilot investing tech navigating the path to early retirement. 401Ks are becoming a thing of the past.

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Invest like the wealthy, financial freedom is possible.

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Zero Fees

Say farewell to hidden fees and expensive mentorship programs!

Business Strategy

Automated Strategies

Our smart tech creates a tailored strategy that fits your goals and ambitions for early retirement.

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Transparent Tracking

Stay informed with real-time updates on your portfolio activities and take charge whenever you want.


Co-Pilot Mentorship

Not everyone wants full automation. Our tech can mentor and answer all your questions instantly.

Google News

Tailored News

Get the latest and personalized news delivered directly to you with push notifications.

Keep Dry

Auto-Risk Manage Tool

Our app is pre-built for risk takers and we make sure you don't lose all your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to your common questions about joining the AlgoPear network. For further assistance please contact

How does it work?

If your institution offers AlgoPear your financial info will be pre-populated or connected through Plaid. Within minutes, The Robo Joe co-pilot will ask you a series of questions to understand how to set you up with a personalized automated portfolio and financial literacy roadmap.

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Do I have to be experienced to start?

You can come with any experience level. Our investment technology learns where you are today. It sets you on a path to reach your monetary goals for earlier retirement.

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How much $ do I start with?

You can begin with as little as $5. With our fractional investing technology, we can start your journey from ground zero. Our goal is to take the little you have and grow it as fast and safe as possible.

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What about fees?

We don't charge commission, performance, or custodian fees for investors. If you're using AlgoPear through your institution they may charge a fee (price may vary) but most of our institutions in our network do not charge a fee and make it free.

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How does the integration process work?

AlgoPear uses SDK (software development kit) based integration that can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the institution systems. Since we know most firms we work with don't have full-development teams we can provide full-concierge integrations for you.

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How do members interact with AlgoPear

Once AlgoPear embedded app is live within your ecosystem your members don't necessarily need to sign up. We pre-populate the pre-approved info you share. They would need to finish a simple questionnaire so we can create their personalized portfolio.

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Can I see data reports on how our members interact AlgoPear?

Institutions have access to our admin analytics dashboard tool, which provides user reports on the dollar amount invested per user with AlgoPear vs without, as well as portfolio performance, engagement rates, member satisfaction scores, and more. This enables a transparent view of how AlgoPear adds value to your financial institution.

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Is AlgoPear regulatory compliant?

Yes, AlgoPear is compliant through Apex and Comply (Ria-in-a-box) and cyber security insured so the FIs we work with do not have to go through the tedious process. AlgoPear comes ready to go.

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How many license seats should my FI purchase?

Before we start integrations, we conduct a stress test to determine the likely number of license seats you need to purchase and check the number of members under 50 years old (most likely to use AlgoPear) in your institution. This will help us decide on the appropriate number of licenses for your needs.

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What if my FI doesn't have a lot of members but wants to integrate AlgoPear?

No worries, we have plans for financial institutions with fewer than 100,000 members/clients. Our pricing differs, but we can still work with you to grow your depositors.

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Is pricing customized based on AUM?

Though AUM helps us determine the average account size per member, we focus on the number of members/clients you have, which helps us determine if we need to customize our pricing. As of today we do not charge management fees so AUM is not a metric we use for pricing.

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Can I still integrate AlgoPear as a larger financial institution with millions of members/clients?

Possibly. Our team will need to determine if our product is a fit for you as we focus on small to mid-size FIs. Please reach out to for further assistance and we'll get to you ASAP to explore your needs.

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