Banning of Juuls😶‍🌫️

June 29, 2022

How it started

The FDA has banned all of Juul Labs’ vape products from the United States. The FDA claimed that some of the information Juul had submitted to the agency was “insufficient and conflicting data”, which resulted in Juuls being banned. 

What’s going on

The FDA said that companies like Juul may have played a “disproportionate” role in the rise of teen vaping. The Biden administration has had an ongoing goal of eventually cutting nicotine from cigarettes. 

Why it matters

After the FDA made its announcement to ban Juuls, the Altria Stock had a major rebound. Competitors to Juul see brighter days ahead as their customers rise. While taking Juuls off the market may be seen as a slow stop to tobacco use, there is a possibility of a black market emerging because of the crackdown on e-cigarettes and the potency of regular cigarettes.

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