Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
FAQ AlgoPear

Retail investors visit AlgoPear’s marketplace to select & purchase expert AI strategies for their investment portfolio.

The process:

- Visit the AlgoPear app or website to sign up
- Complete investor personality test
- Match with an AI strategy
- Subscribe & fund your account
- AI starts building your investment account at hyper speed
- Monitor & get alerted portfolio performance & activities

AI process:
- AI bots analyze the market 24/7
- Finds the best investments with the lowest risk but the highest reward
- Executes the signal in microseconds
- Bear market? No worries. The AI automatically reduces risk and minimizes loss to protect your account and hard-earned gains.

Why Sign up for Alpaca?
FAQ AlgoPear

Alpaca provides a commission-free stock trading API and a framework that allows easy deployment of the algorithms and automated trading.

Do you offer integrations with other brokers?
FAQ AlgoPear

At this time, we only offer integration with Alpaca. We are looking to bring more brokers aboard soon, such as TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, and Trader. Stay tuned!

What is a paper account?
FAQ AlgoPear

A paper account lets you practice trading without risking your money. This feature should be available via your broker. You can test the algorithm with a paper account before committing to it.

What You Need to Get Started
FAQ AlgoPear

Individual Requirements: To apply for an AlgoPear trading account, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

- Be 18 years or older; Have a valid Social Security Number (not a Taxpayer Identification Number);
- Have a legal U.S. residential address within the 50 states or Puerto Rico (we may make exceptions for active U.S. military personnel stationed abroad);
- Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, or have a valid U.S. visa*.

*Option may not be available for citizens of countries subject to U.S. sanctions, as administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Citizens of these countries may be requested to provide copies of a valid U.S. passport, Permanent Resident Card, or U.S. immigrant visa.

What is a trading algorithm
FAQ AlgoPear

Algorithmic trading (also called AI trading, automated trading, black-box trading, or algo-trading) uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) to place a trade. The trade, in theory, can generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader.

Open My Fund
FAQ AlgoPear

Algo Creators - Individual, small group, or quant firms submit their trading algorithm to AlgoPear’s retail investor marketplace. It takes a few days up to a week for due diligence.

Once approved, you set up your signals with our dev team. Then we start promoting your strategy to thousand of retail investors to subscribe to your fund.

Your Account Information
FAQ AlgoPear

You can edit and review all your account information by clicking the person icon and “My Profile.” within the AlgoPear app.

To login into your account, visit and click “login.” Provide the email and password you selected when creating your account.

Suppose you’re having trouble logging in. Click “Forgot Password” located at the bottom of the login page. You will receive an email confirmation to reset your password. If you continue to experience issues, please email

Account Security
FAQ AlgoPear

When creating an account, it is required to verify with an email to authenticate real users. All in-app purchases require two-factor authentication to prevent fraud activities.

Coming back to AlgoPear
FAQ AlgoPear

If you have deleted your account, you will be required to create a new one.

Here’s how:
1. Visit AlgoPear app or website
2. Tap Sign Up from the home screen
3. You can use the same information as we do not store data from users after deletion.

You’ll always have access to your tax documents (including 1099s) through the Alpaca website.

How does testing an algorithm work?
FAQ AlgoPear

Before subscribing to an AI strategy, you will be prompted with a “test” button. This will connect the algorithm to your paper account. You can monitor the performance in real-time as long as you want. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can then subscribe.