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More investor clients, Less branding work

Integrate with AlgoPear to turn your small firm into a brand name. Increase your AUM, cash-flow, and automate your marketing. IP not required.
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An open marketplace where quant firms can sell their algorithmic strategies to build clientele.


Become a brand name firm

Experience the power of the open-market platform for retail investors
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IP Protection

We don’t check your code; our API handles everything.

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Promotional Marketing

We’ll tell the world about your strategy to all the right people.

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Community Building

Our integrated community helps you network and learn with other Algo Creators.

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Concierge Support

We handle customer-facing so you can focus on building world-class strategies.
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Easy API Integration

Our team of devs will get you set up in a week.
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Untapped ARUM

Retail investors are 50% of the US $45Tn AUM. We call it Revenue-Under-Management.
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Why AlgoPear

Automate your grunt work of growing a firm

  • More cash flow from selling signals on AlgoPear
  • Save time and money on client relations
  • Become a name brand firm
  • Play the volume game to increase AUM
Grow your firm

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